A faster and simpler way to make real-time1 payment anytime, anywhere.

We are making banking simpler for you to manage cash flow easier and smarter with a new kind of convenience. With HSBC NAPAS 24/7, you can now send and receive domestic payment and the fund will be transferred in real-time. It helps businesses simplify payments and working capital.

Key features

🗸 Fast, irrevocable domestic payments and transfers between accounts 24/7 amongst NAPAS member banks and financial institutions.

🗸 Applicable for domestic payment in local currency (Vietnamese Dong or VND) that is less than VND 500 million.

🗸 ISO 8583 format supports enriched remittance information.

🗸 Beneficiary information validation in real-time with overlay services allowing clients to confirm the payee is correct2.

Key benefits


Payments can be made anytime, anywhere.

Account balances are updated instantly 24/7.


Quick, safe and secure online transaction via HSBC eChannels.

Accommodate single payment and payment via File Upload through HSBC eChannels.


Extended cut-off times with up to 24/7, 365 days a year availability.

Better informed

Enhanced visibility and control over your cash position through immediate payment status update of payments or collections.


Reduce risk of delayed collection associated with traditional collection methods.


Enhance automation for receivables reconciliation with enriched data and information.
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