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Building smarter business together

At HSBC, we believe that real innovation comes from a blend of human collaboration and new technologies, underpinned by trusted relationships. We are transforming with you by co-creating innovative products, services, and ideas to build a smarter business together. With an array of innovative tools and creative business insights, HSBC can empower your organisations digital transformation journey.

Visualise transactions

Make better informed decisions with a detailed view of your account balances and transactions throughout the cost cycle, in real time.


An online banking platform with an array of innovative tools.

HSBCnet Track Payments

Real-time view on the status of your payments made via HSBCnet.

HSBCnet for Trade

Manage your trade finance portfolio with our comprehensive range of trade finance features.

Liquidity Management Portal

Offering a consolidated view of your global cash positions.

Trade Transaction Tracker

Accessing your trade transactions anytime, anywhere.

Move Money

Make and receive payments quickly and easily to where it is needed most, with clear currency exchange rates.


A faster and simpler way to make real-time payment anytime, anywhere.


Track cross border payments via SWIFT gpi across the correspondent banking network using single or multi payment enquiry APIs.

Seamlessly connect

Connect with your ecosystem or network of suppliers, buyers, customers, and other 3rd parties across the region. Integrate digital solutions into business processes in order to provide a better experience to customers.

HSBC Connect

Get fast, secure and efficient cash management processes with direct host-to-host connectivity.

HSBC Treasury APIs

Connecting with your treasury platforms to digitise payment tracking and reconciliation processes.

Access and optimise working capital

Access to funds when you need it. To help mitigate risk and uncertainties, capture opportunities or invest to grow - all through a single platform.

HSBC Supply Chain Finance Platform

A web-based interface that ensures buyers’ efficient, swift, convenient, and secure payment to their suppliers.

Working Capital Solutions

Unlock funds trapped in inventory or receivables to keep the supply chain and your business moving forward.

HSBC Omni Collect

A simpler way to manage customer payments with our merchant acquiring and cash management solution.

Understand the market

Tap into relevant intelligence about industry news and global markets to understand the wider impacts on your organisation, and better manage risk.

Managing Foreign Exchange

Gain more control of your foreign exchange payments.

HSBC Global Research

Providing research materials, events advisories, news updates and market analysis tools on a regular basis.

First live pilot Blockchain domestic Letter-of-credit

By using the Contour platform, which enables the end-to-end digitisation of trade finance, a transaction that usually takes three to five working days was completed in 27 minutes.

Global Payments trends: Considerations for corporate treasurers

Corporate treasuries are navigating a period of great changes, opportunities, and challenges.

The top ten trends shaping the future of international trade

International trade and global supply chains are undergoing a marked transformation.

Top five trends shaping the transformation of treasury

The role of treasury is one that is rapidly evolving, fuelled by digitalisation and changing macro conditions.

A more structured way to finance corporate supply chains

Structured financing solutions for supply chains are increasingly important in offering treasury teams greater agility and visibility over their transactions.

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