At HSBC, we have been helping businesses create opportunities in new places and helping new relationships flourish for over 130 years. Our selection of articles and videos in partnership with The Economist Group respond to potential opportunities by examining a sample of key initiatives and emerging themes. Learn more below.

"Automation has made supply chain stickier than the past."

Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit

"By 2014, the cross-border data flow contributed $2.8 trn to global GDP."

Source: Mckinsey Global Institute

"Healthcare spending in the ASEAN region will increase 70% by 2025, reaching US$ 740 billion."

Source: World Economic Forum


The business case for investing in smart cities

What do Davao City, Singapore, Phuket and Ho Chi Minh City have in common? They're on the frontier of building ASEAN's smart cities.

How to power up your company's mobile strategy

90% of internet access in ASEAN happens on mobile phones. What do businesses need to know about this growing opportunity?

Unlocking the world's most connected consumers

With the most engaged internet users in the world, ASEAN's e-commerce players are stepping up their game towards regional integration.

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