Real-time Inward Remittance

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A faster and simpler way to collect payment

At HSBC, we continuously invest in digital capabilities to help you manage your cash flow in a simpler, faster way. To support the launch of “Instant Interbank Funds Transfer” in Vietnam, we now offer customers the ability to receive money anytime, anywhere. What’s more, you’ll receive instant credit notifications to help you manage working capital, cash flow and receivables in real time.

Key features

🗸 Inward transaction threshold:
Transaction value equal or less than VND 300 million has to be initiated from member banks of NAPAS*.

🗸 Instant credit:
Fund is credited to the beneficiary’s account(s) within seconds.

🗸 24/7 availability:
Fund can be received and credited anytime including non business working days.

🗸 Beneficiary validation:
Beneficiary is validated upfront to ensure fund is credited correctly.

🗸 Virtual account support:
Fund transfers from NAPAS member banks can be received via virtual accounts to optimise working capital process and facilitate automated receivables reconciliation.

🗸 Data enrichment:
ISO8583 format is capable of handling rich data, extending remittance information length up to 210 characters.

Key benefits

🗸 Faster

  • Funds are immediately available
  • Available anytime including bank holidays
  • Improve Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

🗸 Simpler

  • No registration is required for HSBC customers including individuals and corporates with VND bank accounts

🗸 Better informed

  • Stay up-to-date of cash flow with instant collection
  • Reduce risk of delayed collection associated with traditional collection methods
  • Enhance automation for receivables reconciliation with enriched data and information

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